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Venetia Guilhem

Born in Brussels, of Dutch ancestry, I lived everywhere (Germany, France, Greece, USA), which imbued me with different lifestyles.

After studying Art (ERG, Brussels), I spent my life doing other things (copywriting, coaching, choral singing, ...), but without ever abandoning this passion.

 So, I went on painting

& above all, taking photos (because painting is not my forte).

My favorite themes ; old houses, highways, trains, clocks, abandoned industrial buildings ...

but also nature

In observing the world, it struck me how beauty was literally everywhere, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, & that it could be found in whole objects, but also in their parts - How fascinating !

Despising the brain, I want to work as spontaneously as possible to let the essential talk ; shape & COLOR.

I wanted to shoot anything that seemed to harbor hidden beauties - & was mostly interested in structures & frames

But since one doesn’t take one’s camera everywhere, I was often frustrated ... This is why I decided to use only a smartphone - since you always take it with you, wherever you go.

I photographed parts of landscapes or objects, which I then edited to bring out their beauty and make it perceptible to all.

By doing so, I obtained abstract pictures ...

... which suited me ; I believe that, just as the invention of photography made realistic painting obsolete, editing techniques have made realistic photography obsolete.

Very quickly, however, I began discerning faces in these images ... And I began to do it on purpose ; inanimate objects & materials (especially stones, water, clouds), became fantastic beings – to the point of hardly doing anything else now.

And I'm also interested in gods & demons, historical figures, aliens, & finally, slogans.

My work method :

I take +- 500 photos per month, I edit each of them 3 or 4 times (leaving an interval of several days between each phase). I then choose the best ones & rule out the rest. And, whereas before, I used to keep about 1 on 1000, I’m now able to keep +- 1 on 20… I’m getting better !

I had several t-shirts printed for my son. These motives pleased him very much, as well as his friends ... This is how I came to the idea of making them known

Venetia Guilhem


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